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KR Wilton Services Ltd. is proud to be the exclusive Alberta agent/applicator for ProShield Coating Technology Inc. and its extensive product and equipment line.

Introducing the ProShield Premium Spray Coating System

ProShield Premium is a cold spray-on, water based, seamless, rubber membrane system which has been specially formulated and designed for commercial, industrial and residential applications as an alternative to conventional roofing replacement. The process has been developed in Canada by ProShield Coating Technology Inc. to offer clients a superior product that is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional waterproofing and corrosion protection systems that are available on the market today.

The ProShield Premium Spray Coating System can be sprayed over almost any existing substrate with, in most cases, a minimal amount of preparation required. Most existing membranes require seams, joint details and mechanical fastening that generally become the source of membrane failure on all other existing conventional systems.

In contrast, ProShield Premium is a monolithic membrane that is seamless with no joints , seams or fasteners of any kind and will completely bond to the underlying surface.

By combining the elastic properties of modified latex with a highly refined asphalt emulsion ProShield Premium provides the solution for any situation, resulting in a far superior weatherproofing material.

Use of the ProShield Premium Spray Coating System to rejuvenate low slope or flat roof can greatly reduce the amount of old roofing material that would otherwise be sent to a landfill site. It has been estimated that β€œ1.25 million tonnes of asphalt-based roofing materials (tear-offs) are discarded annually in Canada.” The same materials that enter landfills each year in the U.S. has made roof tear-offs materials the #2 producer of solid waste in that country.

We also provide specialty coatings for any substrate to meet your specifications including Polyureas, Epoxies and Urethanes.

Metal Roofing

A steel building that is 200 feet long, can expand and contract up to 2 inches, with an elongation of over 500% the ProShield Premium Spray Coating System can easily handle this type of movement all while retaining its monolithic structure, even in the most extreme weather and temperature fluctuations. The ProShield Premium Spray

Coating System is a roofing system that can provide a truly water tight membrane for metal roof rehabilitation.

Granulated Cap Sheet

ProShield 80 mil membrane can be sprayed over existing sheet system.

In addition to the 80 mil membrane, the ProShield Cool Roof System, a reflective β€œCool Roof” Silicon/Urethane), can be applied to add color, UV shielding and will provide a secondary level of protection from roof membrane penetration. The addition of the Top Coat system comes with 20 year labour and material warranty.

Our goals:

To provide the ideal roof system with a long service life, while keeping overall life-cycle costs and environmental impact at a minimum and a shielding system that contributes to the energy efficiency of any building to keep you comfortable year-round without wasting energy. To use products that are low-impact, recyclable, low-toxicity, and designed to protect clients, their neighbors and the environment. And to supply all products and systems at a price point that makes economical sense.


Premium 80 mil ProShield membrane comes with a 10 year labour and material warranty. An extended 20 year labour and material warranty is available with inclusion of the ProShield Cool Roof System, a reflective Silicon/Urethane top coat that is sprayed in addition to the ProShield Premium Spray Coating System.

ProShield Coating Technology Inc. and KR Wilton Services Ltd. is committed to providing the right services and products for any of your property Protection or Shielding needs.

Advantages of the ProShield Premium Spray Coating System:

  • Β» Environmentally friendly
  • Β» Emits no VOC’s
  • Β» Odourless and non-toxic
  • Β» Water based formula
  • Β» Class 1 fire rated
  • Β» Complete erosion protection
  • Β» Seamless monolithic membrane
  • Β» Multiple thickness options
  • Β» Adheres to any substrate
  • Β» Superior impact resilience
  • Β» Improves energy efficiency
  • Β» Flexible and puncture resistant
  • Β» Cold application process
  • Β» Withstands weather cycling
  • Β» Easily repaired
  • Β» Minimal waste created
  • Β» Factory certified applicators
  • Β» Industry leading warranty
  • Β» Comprehensive maintenance program

With the ProShield Premium Spray Coating System we can prepare and cover any existing substrate including:

Β» BUR (Built-up roofing)
Β» Granulated Cap Sheet
Β» EDPM, PVC and TPO (rolled and glued seam systems)
Β» Metal - steel or aluminum
Β» Concrete
Β» Wood
Β» And many more

ProShield Cool Roof System Benefits:

The β€œCool Roof” coating provides a reflective surface & extra UV protection to the ProShield Premium Spray Coating System membrane. This coating is also a waterproofing material and provides a extra layer of protection.

Provides cost saving during the cooling season.

Eliminates the β€œHeat Island Effect” typically displayed in cities where there are large heat absorption objects such as roofs, pavement, etc.